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1. Research finds1  that older people are happier


Research finds that older people report being happier than younger people. The percentages of Americans who said they were very happy were:
28% at ages 18-27
31% at 28-37
32% at 38-47
33% at 48-57
36% at 58-67
38% at 68-77.
It drops to 34% for ages 78-89. Still, the 78-89 year old Americans are happier than people under 60. Why? Older people are more comfortable and secure with who they are, what their values are, and what they want to do with their lives. Research finds they focus more on positive events and less on negative events.



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As I got older I found that I was not under anyways near as much pressure. I had some land, I had some money, Not a whole lot but enough to get by. Life was just less stressful.  Now, I'm sure part of that is chemical. But, for one thing, I am never bored. In my twenties I had to have some kind of excitement going on or I was bored. In my thirties, Fourties and fifties I was always under a lot of stress at work. First as an Army officer and then as a manager for a Defense Contractor. Always trying to win contracts and bring in big bucks for the company.

I was able to retire at 60 and was amazed at how stress free life became.  I have been pretty happy ever since. Even through the divorce.

I think patience and learning to forgive oneself are two blessings of maturity.  I haven't quite reached that stage yet. lol

Perks of getting older?

Not sweating the small stuff.

Realizing true love.

Not giving a shi* what others think of you.

Finally being comfortable in your own skin.

Being confused and blaming it on... oh crap, whats that word for memory loss?

One of my favorite perks of getting older is getting out of having to play a team sport.    :-D

Never did like playing softball, etc, and now I don't have to if I don't want to.

Another perk is that now I can do things at my own pace.

I've become more laid back, I guess, although when pushed, I still tend to push back.  Gradually I'm starting to see the big picture a little clearer, especially if I look through the top part of my bifocals.

Much less stress. Kids are grown and doing well even though dealing with the same stress that comes with mortgages, work and raising their own kids. You realize you raised them the best you could and that YES, they actually listened to your advice and ask for more occassionally.


When asked to watch your 7 year old autistic grandson who is still in diapers and doesn't communicate, you have the option to say no because it becomes too much and his parents understand (we don't say no often, but it's nice knowing we can). :)

Well worth the wait Ms "B". You can also let the grandkids entertain you and then go home without them. lol

It was nice Easter at our oldest daughter's house. Nikki started piano lessons last Thanksgiving. She blew us away again today.



Very cool Larry. May I expect a recital when I come home next month????

As you could probably guess, TBub, Nikki's not too shy... I bet if you ask her, she'll be more than happy to give you a concert!!!


Yaaaay, TBub's comin' home next month!!! Larry, start stocking the fridge with his favorite brew!!!!

Tell Larry to hold off Kitty. If he starts stocking this early, it will probably be gone by the time I get there.
LOL. We also have a trumpet, trombone and a set of drums TBub, take your pick. We'll drink beer and jam when you come up. It'll be a youtube sensation.




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