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......and I'm wondering if I should start on one of my least favorite household chores......washing windows.


Should I quit whining, and just get to it?


How would you proceed with this task?


Do you wash your windows often enough that it really isn't any big deal?

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Here ya go....

I am almost certain Mick and the boys weren't talking about windows ;-)
If you have a view, something worth looking at, through the windows then go for it.
If you need the light the windows provide, (especially if dirty enough to limit the light received) do it.
If it will make somebody that matters happier, might as well get busy.
If none of the above, then why hurry.
Ten-four! Four are now completed on the inside.
Getting tired of the "Jean and Bob plus 8" show?
It is nice to have a break but I keep coming up with sh_t!
Finish your chores.....then take a road trip to GR...I have lots of french glass windows here!

p.s. rain works good on the outside. Take your time with the inside...kinda like the Mighty Mac...start at one end and when you're done start over...
Lots of spider "stuff" on the outside, and the windows are too far under the eaves to get much rain.

I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome....that'll let out cleaning the french glass, sorry to say.

Tired of "Jean and Bob plus 8"? Oh heck no. It sure beats Ad1 vs 1GL!

Hang in there...remember Col. Bowie did send for more troops to help fight Santa Anna at the Alamo. Of course, they never got there in time. Bob, can you verify my story...I'm taking it from Disney's "Davy Crockett at the Alamo".
the reinforcements were actually never sent.....Houston took advantage of the siege to amass troops for the final showdown at San Jacinto...
Ah....lose a battle but win the war.
Stop that! Twice now...
Is that "twice" that you're refering to, what I think it is?
Well...Once you get started cleaning the damn thing, you know you need to keep going because otherwise you will become more insane, having only one piece of glass clean while the others remain cloudy.

Good luck. I would either move or hire someone to do it. I intend to do the latter once it stops raining forever, and before the snow begins.

I live in a forest. I rarely wash my car for the same sappy rainy reason.
Spring time....*bump*




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