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Come on in... sit a spell... sing a little... dance across the room... or in place... play some air guitar... share your Weekend Tunes with us...


Tags: It's the weekend, Songs, Tunes, Weekend Music, Who let him in?

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"I know that by tomorrow I'm gonna be alright..."


"Lord, please deliver me to love..."

Who let who in?

hahaha.... just playing with the earlier line, "Come on in..." (it wouldn't let me bold or italicize "him" in the tag window)

Good morning, Quinn! Happy Saturday to you. '-)



I think we need a little testosterone in here.

my favorite, favorite, favorite Sunday morning song.

Happy Sunday morning everyone-

Hey TDBeez, I love anything Sesame street, thanks for that!!

Here's my addition:


MMMMMMMMM, spaghetti on Sunday morning!!  yummmmmmy!! 

Here's what I would like to wake up hearing tho!

A blast form the the 70's  How amusing!!

Just 'cuz

On another vein...





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