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      The Internaional House of Pancakes, IHOP, is incorporating Middle Eastern cuisine food to it's everyday menu starting in January, 2014.  The new chain of restaurants called  HOWAF, House of Waffles and Falafels will be sure to please fans of every taste. 

     The new menu will feature a stack of couscous pancakes and hummus stuffed French toast as its signature dishes.  A fava bean and baba ganoush omelette will join the ranks of the previous standard fares as well as freekah crepes.
     In addition to the popular syrups on every table,Tahini paste will be available to accompany the shawarma and kibbeh entrees. It goes well on a hamburger too. Baklava in a burghul frosted coating will highlight the dessert selections and of course, Turkish coffee will always be available. 
     So get your taste buds ready for some real delicious treats. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a relaxing snack will soon have culinary addicts rushing to a HOWAF near you. Bon Appetit.

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They lost me as customer when they stopped making tator pancakes.

what a lot of waffle - ha!

I like their omelet.




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