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Dear Mr. Precedent…

Hmm, let’s see...currently the US has the world’s highest number of coronavirus cases and the highest number of deaths (with over 100,00 dead).

Unemployment is set to reach 20% shortly (The highest ever was in 1932 when it reached 24.9%).

There is no question that a recession is looming - it’s only a matter of time.

And there is daily and often destructive rioting in the streets of our major cities.

Please feel free to fact check the above at your leisure - just as soon as you tackle the more serious issues of the day, such as whether or not to wear face masks and observe social distancing at the Republican Convention this year.

Seriously...you’re going to run for re-election? Really?


White House almost completely surrounded by more than a mile of fencing

by Hannah Natanson, Teddy Amenabar 12 hrs ago (6/6/2020)

Now that's the kind of wall I can support, jajaja!

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