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Welcome to Two Buck Chuck’s…a new feature of the Armadillo… cheap wine reviews!

“Wine is a many splendored thing”… as is also nachos.

But we won’t be reviewing nachos here – however, I do have a spectacular recipe for nachos – unlike anything you’ve ever had before…and can make you an instant culinary deity at your next Confirmation, Bar Mitzvah, or Fifty Shades of Gray discussion group.

Trust me…I’m good at this. (I have a degree!)

And so here it is…the wine ‘o the week…

“Stark Raving Red” from Rosenblum Cellars, Sonoma California. It’s a nice red blended table wine, that tastes good in my mouf – and it contains sulfites! (another plus!)

The label is interesting – somewhat reminiscent of that Allstate Insurance “Mayhem Guy” commercials. Not that I’m particularly swayed by creative labeling (I tried “Little Black Dress” for obvious reasons…and “Toes” for… well, let’s save that for another discussion), and it’s not anywhere near 2 bucks – it’s actually  closer to ten bucks here in the Bluegrass…mostly because we’re somewhat less sophisticated as a group than y’all in Sonoma and…are easily influenced by purty pitchers.

Not sure if it’s available in New Jersey…but look for it, right next to Miller Lite.

Happy Wining!

(Next…the Red Truck…)


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I'm not really into wine michael. And back in the day I drank the cheap stuff. I had a collection of Boon's Farm bottles that circled my bedroom. I also went through a Red Ripple phase. I had read somewhere where the quickest buzz. was a carbonated beverage with a alcohol content somewhere between 16 and 18 %. According to what I read, it was supposed to enter the blood steam quicker than straight 80% booze. Sooooo... in my certainly silly youth,me and several friends decided that mixing beer with Red Ripple was the closest to that formula that we could find. Although I REALLY DO NOT ADVISE DOING THIS... I can say is that, at the time, it seemed to work. 

As an aside, after consuming MANY bottles of Red Ripple wine, It was taken off the market for several years. The rumor was that it contained formaldehyde.

No wonder I'm goofy.

I understand it is a blend of several 'reds'.  The steampunkish looking label tells me it might be worth a shot.  I just love creative packaging.

Cheap wine will give you the blind staggers.

I drink my wine in Church on Sunday.

Didn't anyone ever make a wine that didn't taste like panther piss?

I do not know, I have not ever had panther piss.


I haven't either Aggie, but I think it probably tastes like Red Ripple mixed with beer. 

I'm not allowed to drink wine...I wonder if panther piss would be okay.

Ripple? Wow… Haven’t thought about that for a while.

On another discussion some folks also brought up Bali Hai and Paisano Red (2.69/gal).

I think those wines (?) qualify as “.5 Buck Chuck”. May have to review them and others (Mad Dog, Night Train, and Thunderbird, to name a few) in the future.




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