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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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I don't eat dessert

I don't understand the Dingo Lingo.

do you like the beach?

I like the beach except for the sand, the sun, and the salt water.

You work on getting tanned.

PS. Eddie Dingo, who happens to be female, a good friend, a loooong time member, is also the owner of the site. She was given the reins a couple years ago when the original owner washed her hands of the place. 

false:  I do not work on getting tanned anymore (used to)


true or false - you're on Twitter or Instagram.

false, no burned skin cells for me.

You would rather sing than listen to singing

(thanks for the recipe, btw. I'm writing it down.)

I have a kick a** rack stereo (amp pushing 40 years old/w newer components) plus a newer Bose system, so that when I sing, I can crank it, and no one can here me.

You don't decorate for X-Mas until after Thanksgiving.

(Think you will enjoy the dessert. easy, and tasty)


You got carried away one time and put up so many lights around the house, you  tripped the breaker and plunged into darkness.

False. I don't do anywhere as much in FL. (it's a pain to put lights in palms and cacti) But when I was In OH., I had a well laid out plan. 6,000 lights in the big tree in the front yard, and a total of 10,000 lights.

(OK, I might have tripped a breaker 30 years ago, but I quickly learned how to spread the load)

You need to go to the grocery store for ONE more item for Thanksgiving dinner.

Always something, yes? This time the booze and the mixer.

Members of your extended family clash over opposing political views.

True to an extent. My brother and I NEVER talk politics, and most of the rest are apolitical. 

You are more interested in doing yard work, than house work.

Yes, much more fun working in the yard, but the house undone gets noticed more.

You sweep the front walk, drop the blue disk into the toilet tank and stuff the vacuum into the closet just before the guests arrive.

False. Last time I checked, there were leaves on the walk, no blue water in the tank, and... Oh Crap! That reminds me, I need to vacuum.

You are already thinking about decorating Christmas.

Yes. After today the pumpkin on the end table gets set outside.

You have pumpkins left over you don't know what to do with.




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