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hi everyone. my name is jackie rodzinski and it is smy attention to travel alone to Poland this year to find ' lost members' of my family. ive done a great deal of researh here. Howver, I have a few questions.
1 is it safe for a 54 yo American woman to travel alone?
2 how difficult is it when you dont speak the language?
3 What condition is the infrastructure of the country like
4My parents had a shady past during ww2. how receptive to my presence will the govt be?
5. As a fitst generation american, am i required to carry a polish passport.
6. What is the best way to travel around the country
7 how expensive is it relative to the USA-nyc area
8 what is the ettiquette for discussing Ww2 events

Thank you for your help. I find young people more receptive than the elderly, who seem frankly paranoid. I simply dont know what to expect. What is offensive there that is not so here? Travel books only tell you pretty things, and I am hoping to do some extensive research.
Love to all, jackie

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Jackie, what a great adventure!

I don't know anything about Poland or traveling there--yet--but I'll bet there is a lot of info out there for you.

I hope some friends here can steer you right.

I've been traveling on my own since 1990 when I realized I wasn't going to go at all if I waited for someone to go with me.

I think you will have a wonderful time.  Try to learn some basic polite phrases and useful vocabulary.  Also how to read their writing.  Sometimes when you have learned the sound of a language and you sound out the words in writing, you find out that they're English loan words.  LOL!

Thankyou. iit turns  out therewe 'need' tthe samemoney.

I found out while in Germany in 2007 my Grand Mothers side of the family homelands have been part of Poland since 1945.  I told my father since 1945 we have been a little Polish to which my Father replied: "No, your Moma was." 

My Ancestors all came from Prussia in 1869.  Much of former Prussia is now part of Poland.

Best way to travel in Europe is by train.  You can buy weekly passes.



you don't know how badly I want to go.  but my frugal husband says we need the money for other things.  what other things I asked you either out there besides life

Not to burst your bubble.

It's dangerous to go to the ex-Soviet countries.

If you are a Teacher, lawyer, professional they could keep you.


A lawyer friend of mine went.

They didn't keep him.

You might plan a trip to Mexico next.

I probably should not have mentioned Lawyer................ LOL

Thats what my mother always warned me about, but im noyoriously lazy.

Do they want old goats in Poland?




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