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Since the original TPAM went walk about along with its creator, I would like to bring this discussion back to the forum.

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Ah, Yessss...Fond memories.

The Bay City Rollers. The first band that I actually wanted to KILL. I mean - Hunt down, dismember, shove into a meat grinder (Tree chippers hadn't been invented yet) and spread on the roses.

Thanks for bringing that back, Aggie! Recharged the ol' battery, if ya know what I'm saying.

TPAM does all the silly voices when reading bedtime stories to her great-great-grandkids.
TPAM thinks fine dinning is IHOP
"DInning"? As in, throwing silverware at the ceiling fan when the service sucks? Yeah, I've done that at an IHOP.

TPAM has no intention of missing a single second of the Olympics.
Yeah, I just bought a few extra TVs for the occasion.

TPAM has tied a yellow ribbon 'round his old oak tree in the hope it might persuade Tony Orlando to come out of retirement leading a new doo-wop country and western band.
TPAM is living a dream because the pharmacy made a slight err in their prescription.
TPAM convinces women to engage in adultery with the line "Hey, you don't want your family name to die out, do you?"
TPAM runs a matchmaking service for polygamist.
TPATPAM asked me to remind TPAM that your membership payment is past due.
TPAM thinks Illinois is pronounced like it's spelled.
TPAM knows how to pronounce Illinois because of his multiple outstanding warrants for various and sundry bad acts.
TPAM wishes to mimic me since I attract women like flies to a honeypot.
TPAM has a divorce lawyer on retainer to handle all those women he's attracting.




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