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Since the original TPAM went walk about along with its creator, I would like to bring this discussion back to the forum.

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Is it Wed. again?!!!!? :-P
TPAM now considers every day every other Wednesday.
This person is sending TPAM and TPAH a calendar with only Wednesdays. Whew, crisis avoided.
Every day is Wednesday?!!!? Talk about win!!!!

TPAM is invited to have a drink....on me!!! ;->
TPAM LOVES cleaning up other people's messes.
TPAM is giving up burgers for lent.
TPAM might have his fly open (but don't check it just now).
TPAM can't find his fly. He put his pants on backwards, again.
TPAM still carries his Hopalong lunchbox to work.
TPAM wants to sell his life story to the first network that will agree to make a made for tv movie out of it.
tpam is going to the Marde gras
TPAM avoids Chinese restaurants with an unsavory reputation. The Unsavory Reputation is named "Frankie".




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