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Since the original TPAM went walk about along with its creator, I would like to bring this discussion back to the forum.

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TPAM just won the "Now THAT came outta Left Field" award for the day.
TPAM is going to watch half time
TPAM's favorite team, the Poughkeepsie Pigeons, were mathematically eliminated from Super Bowl contention by dint of the fact that their line-up consists of...really, really stupid birds.
TPAM is going to run a tape of last week's show so he can watch the Super Bowl.
Nope. I've even got a couple of Super Bowl songs ready to roll...I might DVR it, just for the Who, but...I dunno...

TPAM has some strange hobbies. I won't mention the saddles for ducks. Oops.
Damn it - they're CANADIAN GEESE.

TPAM was the inspiration for the scientific name for Viagra - Mydixafloppin.

Ummm...I'm moving to Bali so you won't be able to track me down and put a pummeling on me.
TPAM favorite drink is Mount And Do.
TPAM should IM me immediately...before the magic four hours are up.
TPAM's last 5 girlfriends came through eharmony.
tpam has a natural gas line.
TPAM can't wait till she is petted by someone today.
TPAM is having a wonderful Monday!




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