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For this one, I'm reverting to the way we started on TBD Prime... Please use some version of both words in your haiku...

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a lone thistle grows
forcing its way through the wall
portent of the end
a thistle crushed in
his fist, he bleeds and weeps for
the wall between them
a wall of nettles (thistles)
and brambles, dragon's fortress
and a court for owls...
behind the bulwark
a knight waits for his true love
thistles in his helm
Your inspired me, Scott.

loving the same maid
two great lords, thistle and rose,
meet inside the walls

they gauge each other
tall and dark; fair and sea-eyed
their mettle tested

unaware, they touch
their blades...eager to fight for
the woman they love

pulses race, eyes burn;
yet, they feel a strange kinship...
brothers, nonetheless

their lady appears
placing a cool hand on each
"love each other, sirs.

for my heart is yours
and cannot be divided.
make peace between you"

both men feel her truth...
knowing they have glimpsed their fate,
they clasp arms and smile
nice Ang
this thistle has grown
tall, thick like the Berlin wall
separating us
thistle sage / chia
good source of Omega - 3's
high, nutritious seeds
Vallum Aelium-
80 miles of ancient wall.
With thistle now graced.
on hadrian's wall
he stood before his legions
in utter silence

the ground red with blood
he fixed his eyes upon the
hilt of his spatha

a glint of purple
the color of bull thistles
shone from the pommel

aeternum vale
his heart twisted, tears rained down
he lifted his eyes

there knelt before him
every living legionnaire
heads bowed in respect

ave imperator!
vor fama semper vivat!

voices filled with love

he wept without shame...
broken and bloody they shone
like the brightest stars

his silent thought was
pulvis et umbra sumus
his soul knew better
overgrown gorse copse
thickening around the wall
of my cold, dark heart




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