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In the lodge, at the fireplace with a hot toddy.

OK, if forced to go outside it would be cross-country. My knees wouldn't last 30 seconds on a slope, not to mention my acrophobia. I probably wouldn't even be able to go up the mountain road to the lodge.

Speaking of phobias, do you prefer to face them head on or hide behind excuses?

Hide for me. (Snakes)

Eat in or eat out

Eat in.  (Btw, I feel you about the snakes, granny! LOL)

Also speaking of phobias, would you rather mountain climb (acrophobia) or spelunk (claustrophobia)?

Spelunk. While I have to guard against claustrophobia, acrophobia is paralyzing to me.

Would you prefer an active exercise session or a casual stroll?


Glasses or contacts


Polka or Waltz?

I don't do either, but if I were to sign up for lessons, it would be polka.

Eating out or cooking at home?

 I would rather eat out, but mostly cook at home.

would you rather count carbs or calories?


Would you rather vacation by the beach or in the mountains?


would you rather go shopping at a big box store or small family owned store.

I would rather patronize a small family store, but can rarely find what I need there.

Watch a movie or read a book?

Read a book (then watch the movie ツ).

Would you rather be forced to dance or sing along to every song you hear? 




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