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Okay...we've been around the block..Been there...done that...    Either from just plain being tired...worn out...or fed up...

What's on the "done" list?


Won't lift the heavy stuff...leave it lay or ask a hunky young thing to do it....









I don't do pantyhose anymore....either my arms are too short or my legs have gotten longer.















This is definitely not my style....kissing up or bowing over backwards...to anyone.

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No chocolate?

O, my...I am soooooo sorry to hear that :-)

Oh Quinn, I eat it. . . it just doesn't agree with me.  I get heartburn now (and then eat a Tums)!  *sigh*
I can't tell you all the things I can't do any more. Typing a list that long would surely cause carpel tunnel.
What I won't do anymore is expect that people will take the time to understand different points of view.  Took me forever to realize that people already believe what they want, and are not interested in considering another viewpoint.
I also don't do pantyhose.
Pantyhose?  Yikes, what are they?  Can't remember the last time I wore them.  I'm with you on that one Wendel.
Occasionally thigh highs, but I haven't worn pantyhose in years. I still wear tights/leotards though.
There ya go, painting pictures in my head again.
**raises hand**
I wear pantyhose when wearing a dress, or a skirt and top.
Uhh...probably...That and the "dumpster date".  Which had me rolling on the floor!!
I can't go bowling anymore - hurts my arthritic hands too much.




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