TBD on Ning

According to the front page. 

There are no birthdays today.

Anybody what to share some bithday cake?




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Happy Birthday! (Click Me)
I also noticed if you do an advanced member search using Gender: Female and State: TX

The only woman left if Texas is: Prunella Farquar

Are you glad this is not a dating site?
Very interesting about Pru being the only Female in the state of Texas...Waaaait a minute... Oooooh, you meant on TBD...Oooops, sorry.
Kittycat is the only female from OH?
I hardly think so...You rascal, you! But it sure would be nice, now that I think about it! lol I kinda like those odds...
The number of females in Texas as doubled over night, now two.

Pru and Amanda W

I think the search is only looking at those people currently on line.
Cowgirllu is the only female from NY?

Tina is the only female from VT?
This is gonna skew the averages.
amimak you are the only male from MI
Well at first that seems just wrong, but it should improve my chances of getting a date.
looks like we have no competiton in NY, no males from NY
Yeah, but by your reckoning, probably no females either. Poor barren NY!




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