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On a recent Saturday evening, my wife and I attended a bar-mitzvah reception at a Long Island restaurant/caterer. Our table seating card read Table NO.2 where we were seated with a bunch of strangers including curmudgeons,merry widows,and a pair of married folks who looked about our age,(60).

As there was no prime rib I hoped to order offered, I opted for the salmon filet over the chicken marsala . I'm trying to incorporate more fish in my diet,one of my few healthier habits.

Our salad was a plate of leaves: red, green, and maroon. I don't eat leaves. What am I? A Giraffe? Only the twigs and ladybug beetles were missing on my plate. Why not just serve me a single serving Bonzai tree so I could dig in?

As I guzzled down my 4th glass of red wine, (more health food), after joining hands doing the Hora and hokey pokeying,the music the DJ was playing for the rest of the evening was unrecognizable to me. My wife knew Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas, Yes ,I had heard of them from music award shows. BUT...No Beatles, The Stones, The Who - even the Back Street Boys is old stuff now. The traditional Village People's "YMCA" was never played. The party had mostly children attending. I counted three adult tables,including ours. Still, I felt some music for our generation would have been more appropriate.

There were, unfortunately, no grandparents of the bar-mitzvah boy alive today, and no great aunts or uncles either from what I observed. Where were the elderly folks? They couldn't all be deceased. Most people at my table looked older than me, though their kids were in elementary or middle schools. Our daughter, unable to attend this gala event, is a senior at an upstate New York university. Suddenly the frightening horrific reality hit me. There was an old folks table. I was sitting at it !!! What's going on here? I must be at the wrong table. I wasn't even offered chicken nuggets or spaghetti. I can't believe I enjoyed the salmon. Change my table, please !!

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Cute story Mark lol :0)

Three New Year Eves ago the YMCA had a gala New Years Eve Dinner-Dance at the newly built Jerry Lewis "Y" in the high-rent district of San Bernardino County, Redlands, CA.  They had a special group rate of ~$225 /table for 8.  I bought two tables and invited seven other couples to join us to bring in the New year.  The Prime Rib or Chicken Marsala was great, I don't remember what it was, and I'm sure the salmon / whatever was great too, but the music ...

I forgot the "Y" had this little 88 pound ~122 year old lady that taught Ballroom Dancing every Wednesday or Thursday afternoon, 2-4PM.  If you didn't take her lessons, there was no way you were going to dance to nada :0(.  Oh and worse, no booze.  Not even wine.  Pikers.

I got everyone up to pose like they were dancing for a picture, I think everyone left before 11:00 from sheer boredom. We ended up at friends house with another couple and champaign'd  our way into 2009 properly.

The last dancing New Year's Eve we attended was so much fun, we forgot we weren't 21 and danced all night. It took us 3 days to recuperate. On New Year's Day I could barely walk without help.

That was a real reminder that we belonged at the old folks table.

Haaa, ha. ha. ha. ha. that's so good - you describe it soo well Mark.

Hey - I didn't catch the beginning of the interview,

but apparently one of the original members of 'Pink Floyd' -

Roger Waters, is organizing some kind of huge presentation

that will be replicating as close as possible to the original music

of the old days, yaay!




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