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In my township in the early 90's, Kenneth Biros offered a young lady, age 22 I believe, a ride home from a bar. He raped her, mutilated her while she was still alive, cut up her body and distributed body parts around 3 countys in 2 states. His execution by lethal injection was scheduled for early Dec. 09.
A month ago they tried to execute some fat ass and couldn't find a "suitable" vein. The fat ass raped and murdered a teen in the 80's. The fat ass and Kenneth Biros still live with no death date in sight. What a kind nation we are. I'm going to puke.

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do to them what they did to the victiums
I've never understood the rationale of killing people to show people that killing people is wrong. Must be a religious thing.
There is a verse--(I don't know where it is eexactly--but I can find it later if I need to)--that does say "If the blood of man is shed by man, then by man shall that man's blood be shed".

It been a while since i went to Sunday School--but I always remembber that verse!
I was never entirely comfortable with the death penalty, something about the state killing in my behalf bothers me. Having said that, I will try my best, to send to the promised land anyone who harmed anyone that I love and care about. It's somewhat of a dilemma.
I've pondered the idea that we should allow the victims family make the call, and let them pull the trigger, literally, if that is what they want.




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