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I am concerned about those who have willing left this sight....The act of free will and speach, tooken to the level of abuse....By those memebers who in thoughtless harsh comments would belittle others....I want to remind everyone, we all come from different walks of life....If you don't understand what another member is saying, ...'' please.''.be thoughtful and respectful of there point of view...''Add comments with thoughtful polight words'' If you think someone is out of line., tell them.respectfully!!!....And those who's I Q, is in the heavens, please remember...No one gives a shit about your flippen knowledge, if you don't use it to help others...
LET US INCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER, if you don't agree, then start a group that says I am a f.....ass h...


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If you speak..then please come now
I gree....but as slayer dog wouldn'it mind me saying. it is fine as long as we are not talking about your momma.....Who cares if we use this form as a right to vent are agressions....We are only inlighten people , in the quest for self indelgent emortalty..
When change doesn't work, there's always hope!
What trr2009 said so well.
I think disagreement is the heart of learning. If two people agree, then what can they learn from each other? To learn, there must be difference. Difference is abrasive by its nature. Only our humanness lets us resist our bristling and smooth our own feathers, cool our heads.

That said, there is a time for heat and strife. It seems that each of us is given a natural bent towards one side or the other. Either we seek to nurture and grow, or we seek to defend and protect. Can it be that we need both?
Probably. A civil discussion is always a great learning experience for me. When the shouting starts, I tend to tune out. It's almost as though I can hear the click going off in my mind. :)
"disagreement is the heart of learning". If I may add: you will only learn with an open mind. People whose feelings get hurt easily should stay away from people whom they disagree with.
I am so uncomfortable thinking about it .




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