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Was Elvis Presley the greatest and what are your memories of him?

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I always thought this one was his best.

But I danced with many fine young girls to this one.
Never cared for him, Little Richard was the bomb.

Little Richard was alright, but I always liked this guy better. In 1957 I watched Bo Diddly and Chuck Berry do a guitar face off on the stage of the Charleston, WV Civic Center. What a show. Watch it all the way through. He does two songs here. His signature "Bo Diddly, Where You Been" is the second. Plus, Bo Diddly always had sexy chicks backing him up.
Yeh, those Black Artists were way ahead of the white crowd with Rhythm and Blues. Later called Rock and Roll. I was attending West Virginia State College in the fall of 55 and 56/57. It was one of the premier Black Colleges at that time. Fats Domino played at the Homecoming dance. Most of the big name Black performers in those days came to the Charleston Civic Center for concerts. I Saw Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Ruth Brown, Big Joe Turner, The Midnighters, Some of the Names I can't recall at the moment. The woman who was "The Last of the Red Hot Mommas" Sophie Tucker was her name. Shirly and Lee, and many more. When they had a concert they would usually have 4 or 5 acts and then they would all come out on the stage at the end and the crowd would go up on stage and mingle. Imagine trying to do that today.
I am not a big Elvis fan, I like some of his songs and the moives are OK on a cold winter afternoon.
If you ever get the chance to see Graceland go do it, it really is amazing how many awards and Gold, Silver, Plantinum etc albums he has and the things he did for people around the world.
Never could stand him, very overrated




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