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The Grind has been opened new every morning on TBD for 16 months and this is no exception. But with TBD/NING's inability to resolve it's posting problems, we invite you to spend part of your day with us at The Daily Grind TOO!, at http://www.eons.com/homepage where we are number one on the top 25 list. Hopefully, NING will get it's issues resolved this morning or soon and we can continue to meet here.

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If you can read this post, it means you have been able to get into the Grind. We sincerely hope that the posting issues mentioned on the header have been resolved, and that you will have an enjoyable time visiting here. For some reason, some folks can post here easier than the majority. And not all attempts to post fail to register. Our site at Eons.com, which we have been running for nearly a year operates in much the same manner as TBD/NING. There are a few differences, some better, some worse, but you should be able to find your way around. Other groups such as The Gathering Place, and (I think) Moosie's have also opened for the duration of NING's problem. So If you continue to experience problems, hike up your drawers and come visit us and your friends there.
Just checking in to see if I can post.
If the problems are resolved today I'll alter the opening.
But I have been hammering at this for the last hour or so and keep getting bumped.
Now that I've said that, I'm getting through.
Go figure! All it took was for me to put my dukes up, set my heels and get ready to take a swing at Ning.
I'll just keep pumping out some post to give the site a workout.
It's like someone just started the backup generator. Things are going in quick and easy.
Spoke too soon. bumped me again.
Maybe you two can post, but it's taken me 10 minutes and this is my second attempt!
Maybe the two of you can post, but I've been trying for 10 minutes.




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