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Last night I built a campfire on the patio, and had the neighbors across the street, and their friends from a couple of blocks away, come sit a while.  They are weekenders....coming up here maybe once or twice a month.  Drinks were consumed.

Here's what the campfire looked like when I first got it going.


Two LaBatt Blues, three Strohs, three LaBatt Lites, and one Bud Tallboy later, this is what the fire looked like.

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Great pics, Great family get together. we used to do that a couple times a year. then mom's generation died off and slowly, well, I guess not so slowly, about 3 years, and the 2nd cousins just kind of all went their own way.  There are only 5 of the first cousins left an only one that I have seen in the past five years. 15 second cousins, only 4 of which I have seen in the past five years.  My father was an only child, I am an only child, I have two sons. and one grand daughter. It was my mothers side of the family, She had 5 sisters and brothers, that used to put on the family get togathers. Sometimes out at the farm we would have over 20 people for Thanksgiving. we had an 8 room house. There has not been a family gathering since 2003. Sad when I think of it.   
I got my height from Grandpa Young.....he was 5'7".




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