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Last night I built a campfire on the patio, and had the neighbors across the street, and their friends from a couple of blocks away, come sit a while.  They are weekenders....coming up here maybe once or twice a month.  Drinks were consumed.

Here's what the campfire looked like when I first got it going.


Two LaBatt Blues, three Strohs, three LaBatt Lites, and one Bud Tallboy later, this is what the fire looked like.

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You bet. Once you've been here you don't want to leave, and alot of us find a way to stay.

Did someone say coffee?


I am going to sit waaaaayyy over --------------> here today. I have enough warmth with the 108 degree weather outside. 

Anybody have a fan?

LOL!!!  Poor Crystal.  I'm guessing a campfire isn't real appealing to you right now. .

I hate it when I have to work, and can't hang wit' my posse until mid evening!  Anyhoo, here I am, better late then never, I guess. 

As for the smoky clothes issue....there's nothing worse than sitting 'round the campfire, pounding down beer, then falling into bed, and waking up in the morning with your whole bed and bedding reeking of smoke!

Sleep in the nude......
If you wake up smelling of smoke.  Maybe you got too involved in the bar-b-q??


I can think of a number of things a whole lot worse. (:>)


That is not one of the worse things.

Is there any wine in that ice chest?

I am going to prop my feet up and snooze a bit.

Just a half empty (or is it half full) bottle of Ripple.

Want a swig?

Reminds me of a St. Patrick's day party we had at our house a few years ago. I had purchased a gallon jug of "Wild Irish Rose" wine, it tasted a little like communion wine. At some point in the night someone would yell 'Cannonball" and around the room the jug went with everyone taking a swig. 


I think the Ripple needs something, Stir, to make it more palatable.

Sounds like the good old days, RRC!




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