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Last night I built a campfire on the patio, and had the neighbors across the street, and their friends from a couple of blocks away, come sit a while.  They are weekenders....coming up here maybe once or twice a month.  Drinks were consumed.

Here's what the campfire looked like when I first got it going.


Two LaBatt Blues, three Strohs, three LaBatt Lites, and one Bud Tallboy later, this is what the fire looked like.

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Nice..I do enjoy sitting around a fire pit. 

Kooner....I did take some pics, saving them for later. LOL

Are you gonna blackmail Kooner with those pics?  LOL!

What? How did I miss all that? Oh, right! I was in bed getting rested up after my trip to Spring, TX.

And I had to work today.

RRC, We're still waiting for the pics.

Where did everybody go? Are there mosquitoes?

I'm still hung over.
Hey!  I didn't do that....I swear!
And, I always thought the term "Ankle Biter" refered to little kids.
I couldn't get the screen door open and get out of the house. 
How is everyone doing?
6 hours ago, I was sound asleep.

Has anyone been able to give this girl a ride home yet?


I hope not.

Wow, Stir, It's Monday morning and you and I are the only ones up.

Guess everyone else is hung over and sleeping in.




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