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The holiday or the process...

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good friends and neighbors

helping without being asked

giving from the heart

families gathered

know home is where the heart is

my heart flies to you


vittles have been served

dishes have returned to cupborads

another year has passed


families evolve

the old fade, the young brave on

thanks shared one and all

for dear steadfast friends
and new friends bright as diamonds
i give heartfelt thanks

for sturdy shelter
for sustenance and comfort
i give heartfelt thanks

for this great country
flawed and sometimes wrong yet free
i give heartfelt thanks

for nature's glory
and our animal brothers
i give heartfelt thanks

for love eternal
for your presence on this earth
i give boundless thanks

of all my blessings
your love remains the greatest
ever green as spring

rich as summer fields
it brings forth an abundance
of food for my soul

an autumn rainbow
your love enlivens my heart
with passionate hues

pure as falling snow
it infuses me with peace 
serene as winter

of all my blessings
your love remains the greatest
ever green as spring

Beautiful, as always, thanks for being

You're the kind of person who makes life worth living, Thally. Thank you for being. XOXOXOXOXOX

Thanks in joyful heart
Filled with love and joy for all
Full of thanks the whole year long

For it is giving
That makes for a joyful heart
Give with love, kindness

So wise, Thally...Hugs to you. 

the ultimate truth...
giving the love in your heart
replenishes it

Love so very rare
Eternity in your eyes
You are my blessing.

How beautiful! Your SO is one lucky person, Bruton.

certain of your love
joy blooms on the thorny bush
of reality




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