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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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_ proud of my ability to choose my battles and keep my temper cool unless I need to let it loose.

_ I am proud that those who chose to love me are such worthy friends indeed. It makes me humble.


TM2 traits you'd love to change for the better.

That that pesky procrastination trait would diminish & that I would overrule my knee-jerk reaction trait (most of the time '-).


TM2T you wish your pet wouldn't do.


barking at the mailman and whining while we're eating


TM2T you remember about Grandma's house from when you were little.

My grandpa's home made barometer, filled with mercury that I played with on the kitchen table.

And his blacksmiths shop. I remember loving him for let me crank the forge. I also remember him saying "Bubber(his nickname for me) Don't drop that piece of lead" It was a piece of lead that he had melted, and poured out on a flat surface. Probably a 1/4 inch thick, and approx. 6 in in diameter. About 5 seconds later, I dropped it on my big toe, and ended up losing the nail. 


TM2T that hurt. Physical or emotional, your choice, or if your tough enough, tell me both. (no points deducted for avoiding either response)

1) Being betrayed by a guy who I thought was my best friend. He got into drugs, and started using and ripping off everybody around him. This was grade school, so I was kinda new at the getting-screwed-by-a-friend thing.


2) Maintaining a calm attitude and staying on the high road while my ex tried desperately to turn my daughter against me during the divorce. (I always said that I wouldn't do anything to make my daughter hate her mom, because her mom would do that all on her own - And that's exactly what happened. Every dirty trick and lie ultimately backfired on her. Keeping a civil tongue in my head was pretty tough sometimes, but watching my daughter get a clear look at her mom was tougher. I'd been double-crossed by people before, but she hadn't. Getting back-stabbed and ripped off by her own mother was a pain that I hope she never has to experience again.)


TM2T I do that make you uncomfortable.

1) You play some just horrible music. Damn hippy stuff.

2) And that clown nose kinda creeps me out.


TM2T you are looking forward to.

Going to State College this weekend.

Having dinner with my niece tomorrow night.


TM2T that frighten you

People who think that Michael Bolton "rocks", and women who think that Rick Perry is "manly".


TM2T the Republican party has done for you lately.


_ candidates' gaffes are pure comedy gold

_ arrogant over-reach is meeting with blowback in WI, FL...and beyond


TM2 ways it could be worse

Rick Perry could be elected President

Rick Santorum could be elected President

Michelle Bachman could be elected President

Sarah Palin could throw her hat in the ring

Mitt Romney could be elected President


o, sorry, you said two...


TM2 virtues you possess

Immense patience, and scabrous musical taste.


TM2 times you've lied to the cops.

hmmm.... I thought about this one, thinking for sure the few times I crossed paths w/police officers as I teen I probably lied to them, but I don't recall that I did. I could share a few anecdotes.... nah, I'll pass. '-)




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