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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Liver and live Fire Ants.


TM2T epitomized the worst car you ever owned.

No air conditioning and the two toned brown color *shudder*


TM2 Songs that you love

Amos Lee's Arms of a Woman


and Citizen Cope's Sideways


they put me in the mood for different flavors of the same deliciousness. '-) I KNOW - TMI!


TM2T that are TMI

One of 'em's slightly more potato-shaped than the other one, and I know Martha Stewart's greatest secret.


TM2T your other half doesn't know about you.

That I was a fat, ugly kid 'til I hit puberty & that I had surgery in my 20's. Think I'll tell him both of those things now that I've thought about them. He's gonna look at me like, "WHAT are you telling me these things for?" I'm going to blame you, Snagg. 


TM2T that you do not want to do this weekend, but likely will anyway.

probably have the oil changed, unless I can put if of until Monday, and do the laudry.


TM2 ways you distract or misdirect people who would find fault with your act.

Babble incoherently about incidental oscillations in my personal probability density functionality or to confuse them even more, act honored that they actually noticed and felt the need to comment on my behavior.


TM2T you wish you had never tasted.

Lychee Nuts and Peppermint Schnapps.


TM2T you shoplifted. I'm not asking when you did it.

A swimsuit. A box of cereal.

TM2T you like about television

1) Unlike the internet, Steve Macon isn't on it anywhere.

2) TV's make a WONDERFUL noise shortly after you throw them out a twelfth-floor window.


TM2T you're going to fix for someone else to eat today.

I thought I saw him on the Discovery Channel being used as bait by the local villagers that caught that 20 foot crocodile.


Not a thing today - going out exploring some eateries that have sprung up at a newly opened bicycle trail.


TM2T a kid of yours has stuffed into the VCR slot.

Hmmm... Since I haven't had a small child OR a VCR for many years, that's a tuff one Funes. I vaguely remember a peanut butter sandwich incident. The only other one that comes to mind is my toddler son cranked the volume to 10 and when I turned the stereo on, I fried 100 watt speakers.

Sorry, just don't have 2 stuffing VCR stories. Unless you count that time I was high and watching porn.


TM2T that you are most proud of.




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