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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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My wife and my grandson.


TM2T that are habits.


(PS. I'll ride the Orient Express with you)

The morning crossword puzzle and TBD :-D


TM2T you would never buy

those candies with the scorpions stuck in the middle  and sado-masochism toys.


TM2T that make you laugh hysterically

My buddy's 15 minute monologue of the havoc caused by his pet squirrel when it went over to the dark side.


Anyone dressed up as a giant sperm.


TM2T that you have flushed down the toilet ( besides the obvious )




dead guppies, and a half carton of sour milk, because it would stink up the kitchen if you poured it down the sink.


TM2T you always top your pizza with

AA batteries and heavily-soured milk (Also known as "Cheese").


TM2T about your creepiest neighbor.

He puffs up his accomplishments and abilities, making himself out to be a hero.  And he closes tight their security gate on 3 sides, when they're having a party.


TM2T about your mom you really hated about her. and wished she would quit

She was emotionally distant and she watched too much reality television

TM2 Celebrities you'd like to spend the day with.

1 day - on political tour with Rachel maddow

1 day - in Rachel Ray's kitchen when she's cooking up a storm


TM2 weeklong vacations you'd love to take if you only had the money

Canada and Peru in that order and before winter!


TM2 of your favorite local places you like to visit to unwind. 

I like to take long walks on the Lake Springfield beach and throw big chunks of rusty metal into the power station turbines.


And I relax by sitting with a pair of binoculars under the big shadowy oak tree in the middle of the Pasfield Park Golf Course, spying on people making out in the Horticultural Society's "Roman Gardens" parking lot, across the street.


TM2T that surprised you this weekend.

That 2 major drug store chains don't sell flypaper any more, (but the dollar store does)

That my little dog is better at catching flies in mid-air than you would believe.

(correct, sudden major fly invasion, and IT'S NOT MY FAULT!)


TM2T you will try to sleaze out of doing this week.




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