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Tell me two things in response to the request. Then post your own for the next person.

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Paying bills & vacuuming.


TM2T that you've done while on walks in the woods.

When would I have ever walked in the woods???


TM2T you do right before you go to bed [besides that!]

Make sure the dogs have water and make sure that I have a reason to get out of bed the next day.


TM2T separate you from the herd.

I don't consider Oprah to be a god and I eat cheese sandwiches with grape jelly


TM2 inventions you can't live without

microwave oven and indoor plumbing


TM2T really get under your skin.

A) Having somebody accuse me of something that they know I didn't do, because they're too chickenshit to face the person that they damn well know did it.


B) People who ask me personal questions.



TM2T that you would do to win the election.



lie and lie some more.

[Isn't that what works?]


TM2 Politicians you would like to see elected President.

I've done a pretty good job as president of my family reunion committee for the last four years. Every idea I've had to improve the reunions has been bitched about, poo-pooed, sneered at and ridiculed by the elders - "That's not how we've ALWAYS done it ! Weirdo HIPPIE ideas!" - And every last idea has been implemented and worked out beautifully.

So I have a proven track record of pissing off calcified old sticks-in-the-mud. Which, years later, is generally viewed as a sign of progress.


I would also like to see Pauly Shore become president. Just to show the right-wingers that it's not a sin to complain about the captain of your team.

TM2T that attract you to other people

ohhhhhh..... there's 2 many more than 2!

how about I do them in pairs?


Kindness & Humility


Being Affectionate & Having a Sense of Humor


Being Bright & Articulate


Having a Loving Nature & Being Quick to Laugh


Okay... that's enough.


TM2T that make you laugh.

"Young Frankenstein" and this:



(Of course, maybe that's just the dog lover in me talking.)


Tm2T make you despair for the human race.

1) They are more willing to take an eye for an eye than to turn the other cheek

2) "The kindness of strangers" is very rare indeed


TM2 recently publicized books you wil avoid reading.




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