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A few people have told me today that a news startup called TBD has launched.  They must have bought the domain name from the compay that bought it from our bank.  It's not related to the old TeeBeeDee in any way, but it's nice to see it live with something other than advertising.



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*I'm exhausted....pack bags....don't pack....pack.....unpack.. I just want a place to call home....FB isn't exactly it. Just please send me a memo so I don't get left behind....sheesh..*
I'm gettin' real good at packin' a bag.....just sayin'....♥
Please cc me too.
Dangnabbit. I was trying to get the name myself.
I thought maybe Robin had typo'ed new site as news site....but no, this is a news site in Washington DC. The most TBD'ed place around.
TYPO??? MOI?????? I don't make no stinking typos.
God, I love discipline. LOL
What's this? A new TBD site? Is ZenDog taken? Will st-D.inky be there? Will Kat get to spank me!

Or will Pru just gimme da boot . . .

This could be big! National! SYNDICATION!
Well, they could certainly use a little color - some nice curtains, maybe a picture or two!
Why, do you know one? OH SNap!! Sorry Ms. Katherine. I was hanging out with this Slappy dude today and every little thing is smartass this, smartass that. ;-)
Yeh, Katherine. Where have you and Kat and aka been hiding?




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