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There is a new group "TBD Stalwarts" listed in the "Groups Area of the main page. I would just like to make sure that everyone who participates  in the "Forum" is aware of this group.



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Pru: a donate button has appeared.

Now anyone can donate, or not. And it's anonymous.

And no oaths, whatever they are.
Thanks for explaining Robin, I understand your reason perfectly. With your explanation, I don't see any reason to change the approval setting.
Pru, the financing of Atlantis was done by one person, if I were that person, I would want to remain anonymous also, simply because I'd be happy to be in a position to be able to pay for it myself, I wouldn't need or want all the gratitude. I get flushed when I receive compliments for some reason. I didn't see anything about 'oaths' at atlantis. I feel at home here also, for over a year now. We all have to accept the fact that our friends will be forever divided now due to circumstances out of anybody's control. I don't want to leave here, no way in hell. Times change, Ning decided the time was right to add to their profits, nothing wrong with that, that's business. If, for some unseen reason, TBD fades away, the name itself, TeeBeeDee, will always be in my heart as the first social site I ever belonged to. The laughs I've had and the friends I've made and met will be memories I'll cherish the rest of my life.
Ning has no profits, by the way. They are a startup, with lots of money in the bank, but lose money and are attempting to stanch that flow.
Thanks Robin, I'm totally ignorant as to how these sites work. I've just recently learned how to attach links. lol
Pru - I'm over at MyAtlantis and I've not once come across this "it bothers me even more at MyAtlantis where there are 'oaths' to go along with it . ??? WT ??? There is no such thing. The gals group has a "informed consent " to protect the posts of the members - Dazz told me about it - all the members decided they wanted that for her group. Other than that - no oaths expect when I do my usual annoying stuff!

And the thing here is - you're only anonymous if you join the private group. You just can't be anonymous and donate the way Dazz and I want to do - with an amount that's private . We don't want to join the 'private' group so that those in the group know what we want to do. I can't put it as well as I want to but I can tell you we debate about it daily and we both feel uncomfortable about it. Pru has our idea. We just want a paypal set up, we want anonymity, and we think everyone would feel more comfortable doing their thing according to the need and the structure of the needed donations without having to join a private group to get 'er done.

It's like this clique - those who joined paid and if your not in the group you didn't pay and others who did see you as a cheapskate. So it's a hierarchy.

And if you want to know who My Atlantis is - just ask My Atlantis. It's that easy. Those of us who have known for a long time kept the confidence because the person is humble about it, and didn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable by their generosity. Which is the way it should be. Nobody should feel uncomfortable.
Please read Robins eariler post

Do you want me to change the approval setting on Stalwarts? I naively set it up that way thinking that it would enable members of the group to remain anonymous if they wanted -- I didn't want there to be pressure to support TBD financially, as many can't.

The intent was to do just the opposite of what you feel it did.

Again I feel people may be getting ahead of themselves as we do have time on our side.
Be Well
Bull. You're not getting my point. Whenever Di or I post something we think is logical and important to us, you come right in and shoot it down.

We had the same idea Pru had. What's so wrong with that? It's not the setting on the group that's the problem, it's the fact that there are those inside the group and those outside the group. If there was just a place where we could pay in the same way we buy gifts for each other here, buying anonymously and giving anonymously as some do - then it's fair to everyone and no one needs to feel uncomfortable.

Never mind. Just forget it.
Not a thing, many of us had the same idea. We want ideas nothing has been set in stone.
I just wanted to point out that Robin had addressed what I thought was your concern. I meant nothing by my response. Sorry if it wasn't written clear enough.
We will get over this and make this space fun. Maybe TBD will re-create itself! I'm just glad that we are finding each other again. I need to get ahold of Pru! Where is she? And there are others. I will need to go back and spraypaint the Ning address for all. Karen

From J Lee S to KarenSme
Sent Jun. 30, 2009

Been crying off and on all day. You just made me smile though :-) J

This is a PM between KaremSme and myself. Notice the date? My point here: We have been there and done this before. I myself have decided that I am of the ability to be in two different (yet similar ) places. Even not being employed right now, I am sure I can afford a contribution to TBD without undue hardship. I encourage people to look back at your PM's, go back to threads that you participated in in your groups. Just do it, it may remind you why you are here. Love you all, I really do.
OK, would seem to me that we now have two sites that we can play on. Some of us will play on one site only. Some of us will play on the other site only. Some of us will jump back and forth. Seems like a win-win to me.
I am willing and able to pay. I will never denigrate anyone who doesn't pay. I don't want to know who does and who doesn't. Just let me know when more money is needed and I either will pay or not pay. Just like NPR.
BTW, They send out little decals that you can put on your car. I have never had anyone complement or insult me for having or not having that decal on my car.
Not that little decal with numbers on it that goes on the license plate?




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