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If you were given $2000.00 to take a vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

Parameters: You have to stay in your own state; and the vacation has to last a week.

For the TBDers in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe (and any other places I have missed) tell where you would take a vacation in your own country.

We might start a travelogue!

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"George Washington slept around"

I didn't read that in any history books
Stay in my own state--2K is all I get for a week--Ok---I would go to a quiet bed and breakfast in historic Williamsburg, Va. visit all the shops down there and again is so much history.involved.
Key West, and hit the bars. I especially like Captain Tony's, and the Hogs Breath Saloon. The Bull is really cool to. It is a three story building with a different bar on each floor. The ground floor is the Bull. (it has a delivery service next to it where you can call and get beer, booze, and cigarettes delivered to your door until 4 AM) Second floor, I forget the name. Top floor is called The Garden Of Eden. It is an open air bar, no roof, and it is also clothing optional. So I guess there is a nice view one way or the other. Never quite made it to the top floor, but maybe next time.
T Bub
Always knew you had good taste. Well taste anyway
The slogan at the Hogs Breath is " Hog's Breath Is Better Than No Breath At All" Good taste? Hmmmm not so sure. True, Yeah, I think so!
If you are my friend - you can see the beach front house I rent on Emerald Isle ( N.C.) Heaven! 2 grand just about covers the rent, gas to and from & groceries and a dinner out or two. In May or September.
I guess I'm going to Hu's Fantasy Land. Where I blow the whole 2 grand on an all night drunken fuckfest.....the rest of the week I'll have to spend recuperating...after all...I'm not as young as I used to be. ummmm...and 2 grand doesn't go as far as it used to.




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