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So much gloom and doom and fear...much to be pessimistic about if you watch much news...the whole world is going to hell on a hand basket, right?
But think about it for a minute, aren't there some things to be optimistic about too?
You have to have a few things to make life worth living don't ya? Not just living quiet lives of desperation.

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Wish I could be positive on this . I quit following national news just a little local good enough for me . Outlook for early 2015 a little promising at times of getting my Hovoround . Problem is finding a way of getting to doctor for examination to get the chair . I still can't look past today for what's may happen or not . It used to look better than that .

Anyhow you all have a great start to a new year.

I am very optimistic for this next year.  Get my face fixed from the wreck February 9th, (two weeks off work for that!!), Planning on doing some traveling which I love to do. As far as the problems of 'The world"??  I guess I will put my 2 cents in with my vote at the polls and let it go at that.  I wish all ya'll  the best for the upcoming year.  Cheers!

I'm a glass half full kind of person anyway, so I am always pretty optimistic.  Employment is increasing, gas prices are dropping, despite some pretty divisive incidences (Ferguson and NYC Cops being shot) there isn't wholesale revolution yet and some really good national debates and discussions around race have begun.  On the more personal side, I have a good job that seems pretty stable for now, I am relatively healthy, although I have some things I need to do in order to stay that way.  My family, although no longer in as close proximity to me, are all well and thriving.   Social sites like this and facebook are keeping me connected to friends and family scattered across the country and providing me with the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with a diverse group of people.  I am very grateful for all the blessings in my life.  I never expected life to be perfect, in fact I think that we learn more from the imperfections and I obviously still have much to  learn, because like I said it isn't perfect yet.  But each day brings a new opportunity to start fresh, so that's what I try to do.   

Back to my old Desiderata to answer this one:  And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.  So, I'm going to say I am optimistic that things are what they should be, and I'll get through all of it, with the grace of God.

Plus, we are planning our move to a warmer climate this year.  I'm looking forward to that adventure. And if we don't like it, we can always come back.

Yes it is unfolding...I think I have shared this before, but when I was in London the year I graduated high school,I "discovered" the Desiderta on a linen wall hanging written in gothic lettering. Made a big impact on me back then . I ended framing it behind glass so help preserve the fabric and lettering. I have always had it hanging in my bedroom usually next to the door..the words have always been a comfort to me..have always referred to it often when looking for some words of wisdom for others.
Feeling pretty optimistic myself...appreciating the time I have and knowing what will be will be.

Looking forward to every day, we still get out and about locally. My husband doesn't want to travel far any more so we're not planning any trips however we live in a beautiful place with a warm climate (78 today). I don't worry about the big old world out there, I have my opinions but know I can't change anything except vote the way we hope will make a difference. It is kind of nice being secure enough to keep on keeping on. Who knows what will happen to any of us at any time? Might as well enjoy what we do have.

well said everyone .. i think for me i'm grateful to just be .. i'll keep on pokin along at my own pace as best i can .. no more no less .. what will be will be .. when i was younger i wanted to change the course of mighty rivers and bend steel with my bare hands .. not so much now .. the world was designed so that everyone would get their turn and my turn has passed and its time to let the younger ones hold the reins .. all we can do is hope they don't spook the horses or run em too hard .. at this point i'm just along for the ride .. 




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