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  When I was small, I was raised Catholic. Went to Catholic school, said my nightly prayers, the whole shebang. The funny part of it is that I actually thought my soul was a physical part of my body. Like a heart or a lung. I imagined it to be like a hollow tube that curved slightly throughout my torso with a light yellow tinge. I thought it might be tainted light yellow because of my sins and I tried very hard not to sin. The question here is, did you have any funny unusual beliefs during your childhood. They don't have to be religious in nature, just something you believed to be true for a long long time. Tell us,.

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good one. I remember thinking "how in the heck will they know?". As if the pillows and stuff had some kind of direct connection to the police. Anyway, I thought the same thing. 

So did I.

I think there was an old Carol Burnett sketch about that.

Me too!




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