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Seems only natural, no? Has anyone else wondered about the Sample Title thing?

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Yes - I just sent you a virtual vibe. You should be getting it in your virtual inbox virtually any time now.
ditto on the perplexity B A F . . . I looked and did what Brian said and tried again and don't see anything anywhere that says "sample thread" . . . me simple today me got the dumb.
Posted by Brian on July 26, 2009 at 9:34pm in Sample Title

In the header of each forum title
Oh! Thank you Bull!I see!
All drift all the time is down the hall on the left.
Do we all get to watch????
One thing I'm suddenly appreciating about ning - no KIPs.

http://www.cdsears.com/xtra/chuck/special/tbd01.html"%20target...;"/>KIP ' />

Ahem. Please note: One KITP. At your service Brian.
I spoke too soon...
Ok, I followed the link (http://www.cdsears.com/xtra/chuck/special/tbd01.html) and I am now perplexed. Not so much by why the hell there is a website where one can go and get TBD vibes, but because of the Frederick's of Hollywood ad on the same page.
Frederick's of Hollywood? Isn't that where you get the special steel bottom pants in preparation for the kicks?
My sediments exactly.

What if it was the first discussion?




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