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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

  ~  computer 

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drama. Comedy  farce, morality play  

Kinds of rugs: Version, shaded, flag, gunner

Persian, braided, rag, runner

Kinds of knitting stitches: hurl, hit, weed witch, boss bitch  

purl, knit, seed, moss

Hairdoes: sun, maids, stony-pale, pup-sleep

bun, braids, ponytail, up-sweep

More hairdos: Trench fist, blob, drip, dixie 

French twist, bob, flip, pixie

Fruit: bandana, storage, thumb, beach

banana, orange?, plum, peach

Vegetables: Muscle clouts, saleratus, climb-a scene, party-smoke

Brussel sprouts. asparagus, lima beans, artichoke

Greens: tinage, pollards, custard spleen, shale

spinach, collards, mustard greens, kale

Ways to cook chicken: dried, broached, flaked, barbie-feud

fried, poached, baked, bbq'd

Beans: wavy, sidney, cutter,java

navy, kidney, butter, fava

Catholic Saints: Faun, Prances, Man-phony, Fluke

John, Francis , Anthony, Luke 

Some deadly sins: creed, dust, tried, math 

greed, lust (my favorite), pride, wrath

Catholic sacraments: carriage, map-schism, wholly borders, appointing of the mick   




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