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Friends, Lovers, Family..... Playful, Loving, Difficult.... in 5/7/5.

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I know it happens. That's one good thing about being a commitment-phobic--the longest I stayed with anyone was 19 years, and that wasn't long enough to get bored...hahahahaha.


fireworks each time

my beloved touches me...

i can't get enough




I flinch at his touch

Can't be him, it must be me

I am envious

My lover is unique...we fit together perfectly...it's a once in a lifetime love. What I'm saying is that I know how very blessed and lucky I am, and I did nothing to deserve it. So, don't be hard on yourself or your partner. If you love him, there will be a way...


see him through new eyes

remember how passion felt

believe in your love


happy birthday, R....
49 passionate years
many more i pray

wild thing, you move me
you make everything groovy
you make my heart sing

(extra points if you use groovy on the next one)

wouldn't you agree

baby you and me, got a

groovy kind of love

once i had a love
but now he's gone and I'm blue...
my groovy baby

slow down, move too fast

you've got to make morning last

I'm feeling groovy




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