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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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In my case it would have the 'left" chicken goingt he wrong way.

Now I'm confused again.

On second thought, I don't think it was a chicken.  Maybe it was just a squirrel.

This close to Halloween it could have been the right chicken, but dressed up in the wrong squirrel costume.

I think it was a squirrely chicken?

I have some little seedlings growing in a pot on my window sill.  I wonder what they are.

Pot seedlings?

...or window sill beside-e-um's???

*spell check did not like that at all*

They are pot seedlings, but they aren't pot seedlings...I don't think.

I hope they don't grow-up to be 'beside-e-um' trees and start dropping 'beside-e-um' berry's all over my cabinet.  Then they might quickly become 'in-the-trash-e-ums'.

I have oats, Austrian Winter peas and  Crimson clover coming up in my 5 acre salad bowl.


All I have in the window right now is another avocado seed sprouting. It's not pot, or in a pot. But I kinda wish it was. 

I'm sure you'd share.




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