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Will you watch the game?

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Not me but Huzz and his brother, who's here visiting, will watch it. Me, I plan to work on a craft project ('till I give up on it again, lol) or maybe some mending.

I’ve never been a football fan but I will surely watch the Halftime show!


Love those Rams

As the saying goes...I had no dog in the hunt, so just checked on progress periodically. Being from OH, back in the day, I slightly favored the Bengals. I kicked the Rams to the curb when they abandoned LA and went to St Louis and never renewd my interest. If I was a fan of any team, it would be the Browns.

I did watch the game and wish football would put back to old rules of whoever wins in a full quarter would win in OT and not just the first to score.  Didn't watch the halftime show




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