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Did you buy and carve a pumpkin this year? I don't have kids or trickie treaters, so I don't get a pumpkin, but they sure look cute in the windows and on the porches. It is 40-50 degrees here in the Chicago suburbs, so I hope nobody is wearing just a sheet tonight.

I am watching Vincent Price movies and doing nothing in particular. What is your Halloween?

Don't forget to turn your clocks back two hours tonight. Yes, two hours! JUST DO IT!


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What? Two hours? OK. No questions then.

I had a little party for my daughter last night. Two friends, two hours, no big deal, but they had a blast. I tried to get a couple of small pumpkins for them to carve, but after three stores with nothing, I gave up. I ended up buying some foam ones, and let them carve those and paint the little carved part with yellow/orange paint to look like pumpkin flesh. Worked out pretty well, and they had fun without dealing with the gooey stuff. Tonight I'm farming her out to another mom to go trick or treating while I finish my homework, because that's how I roll.
This is the first time in years I haven't carved pumpkins. We used to have a halloween party in the family room, no lights except for 13 carved pumpkins. I used to get fairly intricate, so it woold take me 4 or 5 days to carve 13. I kept the carved ones in the bathtub soaking in water so they wouldn't dry out before the party. The highlihgt of the party was at the end when everybody went out in the street in front of the house and tried to see who could toss a pumpkin the highest letting them smash in the street.
Your story, TeeBubbaDee, compliments the puzzle of life.
I love it.

My house is in the deep woods--and no sidewalks--So I never actually get any trick or treaters at all. Actually--I did one year--about 4 years ago when I had 4 teenagers who had thier own car! Since I didn't have any candy--I gave each of them a can of vegetable soup. I never had trick or treaters again. I wonder why?
Any how--my halloween will be spent watching game 3 of the World Series--How about u watch it with me?

http://teebeedee.ning.com/forum/topics/the-105th-world-series-2 (Game 3 World Series link!)
I love it when you're forceful, so I'll turn my clock back 2 hours.

You probably can't see what this is, but it's a bag of 100 tealight candles. I don't know why we need 100 tealight candles, Kittycat is at a birthday party so I can't ask her. Had I remembered these candles, I probably would have carved a bunch of pumpkins just for fun. I'm retired now ya know.
I am too, you're right. I'll snap out of it, I'm getting antsy like I do every winter and it AINT EVEN WINTER YET!
I had lots of fun at work tonight. A group of seniors, some with walkers, rented a block of rooms. They drove over 200 miles to go to a restaurant they had read about on the internet. They all dressed up in halloween attire, and it was delightful. From tiera's to devils outfits. They had happy hour in our breakfast area with snacks and booze before they left by lemo. They had pumpkins all over the place. It made for a wonderful halloween.
That's great! Sounds like a cool night at work. I guess you didn't see me, I was the one in the devil's costume. :)

Pumpkins in Canada




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