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Pru dear, I just pulled this poem from "Poem a Day" & finding it quite bizarre, I couldn't help but think of you. hehehe well, you know what I mean. I hope you enjoy it. '-)

The Love-Hat Relationship
by Aaron Belz

I have been thinking about the love-hat relationship. 
It is the relationship based on love of one another's hats. 
The problem with the love-hat relationship is that it is superficial. 
You don't necessarily even know the other person. 
Also it is too dependent on whether the other person 
is even wearing the favored hat. We all enjoy hats, 
but they're not something to build an entire relationship on. 
My advice to young people is to like hats but not love them. 
Try having like-hat relationships with one another. 
See if you can find something interesting about 
the personality of the person whose hat you like.

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Add to Pru's poem

And add to that
another fact
I lose my train of thinking
From the pictures that I have seen
And from what else I've been able to glean,
She'll never commitment a hat wearing gaff
But for me, I'll always first remember
Ms Farquar's well turned calf!

(That's calf meaning part of the lower leg, not the moo kind of calf)
...and thats commit, not commitment...LOL!
Good one, Felicia. :-)
Pru, Pru, What'll you do?
People are writing poems about you?
Pru my dear, what brings you here?
Is it the love and comfort of the community
or the many people of such beauty?
Is it the many curious conversations
or the silly and fantastic ruminations?
I'll tell you now my reasons for returning
it's all of these things that quench my yearning,
but most of all it is to see the lady with the funny hats,
who would not think twice about chasing a rabbit with a bat. ;-) --J
Whenever she speaks her fiction to Larry
I have to get out my dictionary

What the hell does droll mean?
Amusing in an odd way. Sounds about right. ;-)
Thoughts of pru brought thoughts of

Happy hopping hooligan hares
having a heyday
hoarding hats
hurling huge heaps
of hash
in hollow hoppers
Yeh!!! Another bad poetry Jam. I love these. I always win. Why has it been so long since we had the last one.
Ok, I'll start out by setting the mark pretty high.


Pru is my very best friend
She’s pretty, smart and quick
And only slightly around the bend.

Without a hat she is rarely seen
She has throngs of stalkers
And she is the TBD Queen

Her wit is so sardonic
So quick, with double entendres
I sometimes think her brain is bionic
So, If I give a positive reply
Will it mean more cookies
and possibly even a pie
Where is Katya Zerkinoff?




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