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I don't know who knows him here, but he started the F thread on Eons way way back and was an articulate contributor to may discussions--and today he died after a long illness and many years of in and out of the hospital.

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aww.. i'm sorry to hear this .. i thought chief was pluto on eons ?? was there more than one of them .. i hope .. it can't be the same pluto .. chief check in ok .. 

whew .. glad to see you're still up and around .. i didn't think it was you but its good to know for sure .. i was pretty sure your name was richard nash but you know how some people on line like to be someone else .. ( altho i didn't have you pegged for that type ) 

I this on FB earlier. I know Thomas/Pluto from eons.We had lots of similar ideas about Florida politics and similar taste in music...and unfortunately also a cancer diagnosis. He has been a real support for me with the journey we have been sharing. I made several plans to meet him and his sister...was never able to get to the Suwannee Music Fest but was hoping since I have been traveling to JAX to go to Mayo Clinic it might happen...I will be there Monday..too late again...damn. I will miss him.

That is just like Tommy to give support.  He had no money, but he had a lot of heart.

And I wish you a good outcome, Blythe.

I didn't know of him.

tommy was merlinsflame's brother. he was a very smart man and he was fun to interact with. (and the F thread was over 40,000 responses.)




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