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What impact has the Pandemic had on your life?
How are you taking care of yourself?

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Well for about a year before COVID, I was going dancing once a month when my son and his mentee deejayed their House Music parties a a local club. It was socializing and exercising that I looked forward to. Our timeshare was closed for a couple of months and it reopened at peak time, during a time I didn't want to go until after Labor day due to the new regulations. Only four in the elevator at a time...in a 32 floor resort...no. So I just returned from my first vacation of the year last night.

After COVID, we lost a couple of relatives, neighbors and friends to the virus. Visiting doctors' offices is a little different. I couldn't even get into my doctor's office to schedule an appointment when I was in the same medical building for my mammogram. I'm taking Ubers and Lyfts to my appointments instead of public transportation.

On the up side, I didn't have to cook dinners for two months because my DIL signed me up to receive free meals from a program, started by a young man, that delivered them to seniors on the list. I asked her to add a blind friend, her brother (who's legally blind) and his blind friend to the list. Her brother and his blind friend are neighbors who were so thankful.  Another group started handing out fresh produce right in our neighborhood and her brother calls to offer me some because he can't use all that's delivered to him. He told me to share with my son and DIL if I can't use it all. I feel like we've become friends. I've also had more and longer phone conversations with two of my closest friends and my blind friend since the pandemic started. 




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