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Ready for a new one? May we try something different? I have been tripping of late through my old tunes and find many memories stirred through the process. They are coming out in my haikus. Loose rules here except for the 5-7-5 standard. Write a haiku about your favorite tune, capture favorite lines from your song, write about your favorite songwriter or however you choose to do it. You can tell what the song is if you like or have your friends guess. Let's have some fun here and bring back some of our favorite tunes. Might be a way of honoring our "heroes" of younger years. Below are a couple of haikus from our prior discussions as examples:

I talk to the wind
time to say goodbye my dear
the wind does not hear

(by Scott Williamson in 'Goodbye and Wind')

OR -

c'mon and touch me
can't you see I'm not afraid
c'mon touch me babe

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What a memory
That old tune makes me re-live
Wish I could rewind
Nice Kimos!!
Have you come here to
play jesus to the lepers
in your head? You say

Love is a temple
Love the higher law, you ask
me to enter, but

inside you make me
crawl, but I can't be holding
on to what you got...
come picture yourself
in a boat on a river
with tangerine trees

and marmalade skies
somebody calls you and you
answer quite slowly

newspaper taxis
waiting to take you away
climb in the back - gone

lucy in the sky
girl with kaleidoscope eyes
suddenly she's there
Oh Blackbird you sing
That my moment has arrived
In the dead of night.
take these broken wings
and learn to fly all your life
waiting to be free
hey where did we go
days when rains came down hollow
you my brown eyed girl
when I get older
losing my hair years from now
will you still send me

valentine, birthday
greetings and bottle of wine
when I'm 64
he says she loves you
and you know that can't be bad
and you should be glad

she loves you, yeah, yeah
she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah - yeah
she loves you, yeah, yeah
Love it....
I've got a feeling
it's a feeling deep inside
oh yeah, oh, oh yeah

I've got a feeling
a feeling I just can't hide
oh no, oh, oh no




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