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Today I saw a VCR on the side of the road with a "Free" sign on it. The remote was nicely taped to the unit...and there was a box of VCR tapes. I started thinking of all the "old technology" I have around the house. Anybody have an old percolator coffeemaker around?.....rotary phone?...Hifi in the basement? How about a transistor radio?....Black and white TV?....suitcase without wheels?....Polaroid instant camera?...stamps you have to lick?

My novia just ordered a new phonograph needle on the internet so she could listen to her old LPs. Anybody else have some "old technology" hanging around the house? Do you still use it? And if you still use it...is it because you think it performs better...or is it because of a frugal streak?

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Could it have been Dallas, NJ?
I have lots... Two 10.5" TEAC reel to reels, Foxtex Model 80 15ips reel 8track, Two boxes of assorted tapes, Two cassette decks (I kept the good ones), Belt drive Pioneer turntable, ART Pro-Verb (classic 8bit reverb), several cb's, transistor radios, clocks, Korgs first electronic tunner, Pioneer 3way 15" cabinets, Yamaha analog powered mixer, and some guitars made in that era... The guitars have survived the trip, the other stuff is all shit.
BTW... I threw away all my VCR's... Even the digital ones.
I just bought a new word processor, a number 2 pencil. I have 8-track tape player, crank phone, 78, 45, 33 record player, 50 year old tractor, 140 year old tools and 96 year old bank.
I love pencils... Not the fancy artist ones though. Maybe I would if I tried them.
I also love cartrige pens (is that what they're called?)
I like the one with the feather.
Try a Sanford Design Ebony. You just might love it.
I went over the list that you mentioned Hu and amazed myself that all I had was a vcr. I guess I'm not a pack rat, when it's outlived it's usefulness, it's gone.
There's been no hum in my junk for some time now. I miss it.
Back when I was a much younger guy, I determined not to have anything to do with eight-tracks....I was convinced they were just a fad. I kept spinning my LPs on my cheap stereo. But then I fully embraced cassettes, I just knew nothing could ever replace them. In 1999, I found out I couldn't get a new car with a factory cassette player. I don't think the young saleslady even knew what a cassette was. So I got a CD player, and started in with those. There I remain. I've drawn a line in the sand. I'm not going to invest in any other form of new music listening equipment. I expect that I should be able to find any more CDs that may intrigue me on EBay. A few years ago, I bought a new turntable, and bought about 180 Rolling Stones LPs, and I followed that up with dozens of bluegrass and old timey albums. I really do like the LPs best.

Sometimes ya gotta get old before you see the right path to follow.




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