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Today I saw a VCR on the side of the road with a "Free" sign on it. The remote was nicely taped to the unit...and there was a box of VCR tapes. I started thinking of all the "old technology" I have around the house. Anybody have an old percolator coffeemaker around?.....rotary phone?...Hifi in the basement? How about a transistor radio?....Black and white TV?....suitcase without wheels?....Polaroid instant camera?...stamps you have to lick?

My novia just ordered a new phonograph needle on the internet so she could listen to her old LPs. Anybody else have some "old technology" hanging around the house? Do you still use it? And if you still use it...is it because you think it performs better...or is it because of a frugal streak?

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I still have a couple of VCR's that I use.
No I don't have any because I throw stuff away all the time. BUT - I like vcr tapes more than dvds. It is easier to find what you want to see on them. I don't have the patience searching dvds for the spot I want to start at. But I would like an older Mustang.


I know of a VCR you can get cheap! Do you need directions to Lino Lakes? :-)

Like this one SeaRain?
Oooo, I like that!
My husband still has his old 8-track player in the basement (his man-cave). It still works, and he still plays his old tapes on it.

I still have the old manual typewriter that my parents gave me when I left for college. It's in the attic and doesn't get used though.
Whenever I think of 8-tracks I think of "The Best of Bread".
Yeah, they had electric ones when I went to college, but my parents didn't want to pay the extra money. I suppose they figured that if the power went out, I could still be typing my term papers - by candlelight, lol!
I have a record player and records. Some music was just meant to be heard that way.
That's how my novia feels.
You mean old technology like this old thing?

No--it doesn't work anymore--but it sure looks good--doesn't it?

I thought this was from your folks time...:-)




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