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Late last night I put up a discussion that was dedicated primarly to offensive songs. It has been suggested that I put it in a group setting since I know some people will be offended. I agree.  I am posting this as a discussion so that anyone wondering where the discussion went, or wanting to participate can find it. If approved, it will be the Offensive Songs Group. It will start with songs from the acclaimed Texas politician "Kinky Friedman". 

Also, my thoughts on this subject are posted as a reply further down the thread.


Come on in.

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!!!YAY!!! ;->
Sometimes someone will post a song and give a warning that it may not be suitable for all. The main music group here maybe gets ten people to contribute. It moves slowly. Q and A has the youtube threads and that can be a bit more lively. I say just start another thread with detailed warnings about what you are posting. Just a thought.
How about Michael Bolton? Is he offensive? He offends the hell outta my ears.

And Celine.

And Kenny G. Kenny G makes me wanna kill something. That's offensive, isn't it?

There are offensive songs, and then there are people who live to be offended. People who would be offended by "Happy Birthday" or "God Bless America" or "Me So Horny".
Do we dismiss the songs that offend the easily offended? I played a song one night where a female voice sang the syllable "uh" at a rhythmic moment, as a part of the forward momentum of the song, which was about a stuffed bunny she'd lost as a child. Within seconds, a clearly godly listener called me up and chewed me out for playing The Devil's Music, because a woman's voice saying "uh" couldn't possibly be anything else but a sordid invitation to carnal sin and debauched immorality and how dare I spread this filth on the airwaves.
He was NOT kidding. He was dead serious. I wish he'd call more often. I've tried playing even more offensive songs, with racy words like "Shucks", "Gosh Darn It" and (Brace yourself) "Oooh", but I've never heard from him again. I really want to put that guy on the air and have a philosophical inquiry with him. We could discuss "Tropic Of Cancer" or something along those lines, as he surely must be a well-read and worldly fellow. What a dick.

This should offend somebody. if it doesn't, either it's not doing it's job or we need more touchy people around here.

LOL...I posted Randy Newman's Rednecks in the Gotta Love the South discussion yesterday.

Snagg, Here are some of my thoughts on this subject.

I guess everyone alive finds something offensive, so there is no way to not offend someone sometime, no matter how hard you try.
Each person has their own unique list of offensive items. I don't think anyone has a "right" to not be offended. That being said; even I have such a list.
I prefer to not be offended most of the time. However, at times I feel the need to be offended. When I do I go to the "We the People" or "Left Wing Politics" groups. I belong to both and I find it pretty easy to find offensive material in both. If I don't find something offensive there I can always make a statement that will bring forth the wackos. After screwing with their heads for a while I usually feel much better. The thing is; I know that there will be offensive material in those groups. So, the fact that I am offended is my problem not theirs.
Now on the other hand, slasher films offend me, so I do not go see them. If a film was advertised "Mystical Maria does Toronto" with posters showing sexy people in sugestive poses and when I went to see it, it was about Maria jumping out of dark basements and slashing the throats of cute little puppies, I would be offended in many ways. And might burn the theater down. So, when the suggestion was made that maybe I should turn the "offensive songs" into a group, I couldn't disgree. Even though I know there are probably a lot of people out there who would enjoy some of the songs, but will never find the group.
Come to think of it, I may post some offensive religious songs in there. After all, there are a lot of those that are offensive to me.
Agreed. I believe putting the subject of offensive songs in a group is much more appropriate as I believe that the forums serve as an outlet of (comic) relief. Things can get testy to say the least in groups and blogs
as we have all seen.
My foremost authority on offensiveness says:

"So-called Christian rock. . . . is a diabolical force undermining Christianity from within."
-- Jimmy Swaggart, hypocrite and TV preacher, self-described pornography addict
The perfect rebuttal to the Swaggart Scandal!!! Leave it to OZZY OSBOURNE!!!!

From a friend's post on Lamebook.

Hysterical!!  I remember that song in the the 80's "Dont want no short, short man"  sounds like this. totally a little dick song too.  Ok, here ya go.  dont know these guys tho. 


Here's a new song that could b considered offensive, i think it's about time for scantilly clad dudes in a video, altho these guys aren't exactly hot.  Check out the Ron Jeremy cameo  EWWWWW!!!







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