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Name a TBDer who fits a given notable then create a new "notable" award
for the next person to answer. Be nice!!!!!!

*Notable -
a distinction given

ex.  Most likely to find a fairy....
       Lily Roth  

       Most likely to fall off his Evil Knievel Harley...
       Larry Kremis

Now we shall begin:

Most likely to fly...

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Most likely to fly......Quinn, as soon as she gets her broom out of the shop. (I feel safe, she hasn't been around to defend herself).

Most likely to trip over a rock..........
TeeBubbaDee, while searching for mushrooms,

Most likely too win the lottery.
Need I even say it? Most likely to get slapped.....Larry!!!

Most likely to have to take their dog for a walk in the rain to do you know what......
CW Robbie!

Most likely person to admonish someone for being impolite ?

Most likely to get the next KITP?
You again TBub.

Most likely to deliver the next KITP.
Most likely to get the next KITP? TeeBubbaDee

what is KITP?????????
heheheh OH lol....thx Greatlady
I don't think I had any left by the 60s, and Tbub was still a baby, so, I guess Gary, or maybe Dot.
Thanks Robbie, But I graduated in 1969, so I did loose some of those brain cells in the 60's. But I was a late bloomer so lost a bunch more in the 70"s...and the80's...and the 90's...and... well you get the idea. LOL!

Most likely to send TBD gifts?
"Most likely to brag about getting a new TV?"
Hahahaha that was KarenSme (Ya gotta pay attention in Q&A !)

"Most likely to send TBD gifts?" Why that would be Aggie !

Most likely to post a YouTube in answer to an issue or question ?

*Thank you Pru for the re-post xox *
Most likely to post a YouTube in answer to an issue or question ?

Most likely to be patient with ignorance but when pushed .....watch out!




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