TBD on Ning

Let's be positive here. There are some really cool features.
Like "Last Reply" link. You can jump straight to the end.
Or seeing all activity on the main page.
Or blazing main page. blazes!
Or seeing the latest photos added on the photos tab.
Or rating photos - cool!
Or blocking comments on photos, I see some people do that. Nice for sensitive folks
chat could be cool - maybe
Apps might be fun
Your own page

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It DOESN'T have to be this way!!!

We don't need to let TBD go. It has become a part of all of our lives. Why do we all have to move over to NING??

Read this:


Let us do our part in holding on to TBD! It has become "OUR" web site now. Let us nurture it.

It worked for Tribe...

It can work for TBD!

Pass this message along.
It's neat how you can control who can post on blogs. The moderation feature on groups is an interesting feature. It slows the membership growth of a group, which seems vital for it to reach critical mass. Yet perhaps it will be stronger in the long haul, with a healthier base.

Another thing that's cool, how comments on a page don't advance the browser page count. Kinda techy sounding, but it means less back buttons to deal with which means I get less confused.

Plus the RSS feed of my netflix active rentals is awsome because I like to share the wacky films I pick. It lists them down the side of my page.

Plus some of the customizations are cool. Plus I can copy someone's slide show and make fun it in my own page. I'm stoked!

Though I do miss TBD...

Plus the line wrap works! Did you ever notice how everything was double-spaced? Even when you double-spaced something, it was double-spaced, It made some of the simplest poem formatting impossible, I was less likely to post a poem since it messed up my spacing. Silly, I know.
Oooh, plus you have 15 minutes to edit your comment before it becomes permanent! How often have you wanted to do that?
QUITE often
I actually REALLY like this new TBD...love the "nested" quotes in discussions, no more scrolling back to figure out who said what about which that led to the current flame, it's all right there, all in a nice tidy little box
How do you get it to quote? I haven't figured that out yet.
I have other Ning memberships. It takes awhile to get use to the format. I like different aspects of this particular social site.
Change is not easy. And there are ways to add onto the site. There are widgets available. I am really happy about the availability of a blog.

Change is not always easy. However, aren't we a group of people who have proven over the course of time that we can handle it?
I like the poke me app. Very much fun and gives kudos if you'd like. I do still wish we had a main page and a controlling overseeing force...
I like the pictures for the groups. I don't like that the games like The Person Below Me is so much harder to read.

But I still don't understand the poke me stuff. Please, someone explain it to me before I go nuts!
Get the app loaded then customize it to yourself. Change the hair, eyes, clothes, add jewelry...Then send greetings to your friends that have their own avatar. If they have one on their page then you can exchange greetings . Hope that helps..
I like the chat, the downloading of photos,

There is a lot to NING I admit to liking...everything Alendar said and the fact that the page design templates are streamlined, but you can still personalize your own page or network. I like the fact that there has been minimal incidence of "server down." I love the fact that NIng doesn't give us grief when we post videos and photos.

I am on a couple of other Ning sites, and they are very good too.

Just curious....what do you like or don't like about NING?




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