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It seems like I am constantly finding out new ways to navigate around this site.

I blame it on "The Young People". I mean those under 50. That lets two of my favorite girls off the hook. I started to say 65.


Back to the subject at hand. If I wanted to go to the latest post in a discussion, I would click on the discussion headline and then go to the bottom of the page and click on the last page number showing. That would take me to the last entry on that page, which might not be the last entry in the discussion.

I just found that if I want to see the last entry, I should click on the category at the top of the page. For example, "Forum". Look at the discussion in which I am interested.

Go over to the right where it says "Last Entry by "whoever". Click on that and it will take me to that entry. Wherever in the discussion it was posted. Duh!!!


Has this always been available?


This explains to me why often I could not find the last post because it was not on the last page. Duh!!

Since there are no written instructions for navigating around tbd, that I can find.

Maybe we should have a thread for people to post navigation tricks.


Or am I the only one who doesn't find the navigation intuitive? 

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Perhaps this would be a good place to put a "Navigating TBD" discussion, and Moderators could provide that link in their groups. The Welcome Lounge already provides the "Members Help" link, put a sublink to "Navigating" would be easy to add. Good idea Robbie.
A suggestion. When posting to a discussion, don't click on >Reply to This unless you are actually replying to that particular comment. If not replying to a particular person, use the big box under the discussion or question. This makes it easier for the next poster to reply to a particular person or comment. This puts the margin to your comment to the far left like I just did.
And this is called "talking to myself".
I'm blissfully unaware of about 75% of the functions, Robbie, and what bothers me a little is that I'm perfectly happy with what little I do know.
I was too, but I often would see that so and so just made a comment. Obviously that was the last comment. But It wasn't on the last page. I figured out that it was because they had replied to someone elses comment. I don't think it always worked that way on Ning. Anyway, my life is easier now that I've figured that out.
Thanks MM, I tend to just stumble around until sometimes I actually figure out how things work. But then, if I go without using that function I often forget how it works. I know better than to say "I forget how to do it". I don't intend to ever forget that. (:>)




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