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My response to all the mediocre and ignorant people in the once glorious, now totally lost and almost dead tbd land

Calling me a spammer, deleting my blog post, ignoring copyright laws, ostracizing me, productive member of the community, leads to a slow death of this community. Unfortunately, I did not notice that - I was helping to revive the headless dead tbd body.

This community is clinging to life, but there are no ideas that feed it, therefore I predict that it will die. Forbidding links, deleting blog postings – total ignorance, a sign of a very mindless policy and disrespect to one of the oldest members of the tbd community – me. Community self-destruction process started. The results will appear very soon.

I thank all people that expressed their concern and support to me.

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I will need independent confirmation of the existence of hookers, pimps, and porn stars in the neighborhood. I am more concerned with the dead zombies inhabiting TBD land with no purpose but to wander around aimlessly. I believe we need to import werewolves to remove these types. Unless silver bullets do the trick, I might be confusing my metaphors.
Bronze this, put it over your doorway, and read it before you enter here. If you don't, I hope you get mugged by a Quaker.
Man, Alla, give it up already. Put this to bed. For the life of me I just can't figure you out and I don't think I want to waste my time trying to. Life's too short for this kind of stunt.
While I generally agree that some of the decisions of the moderators are arbitrary, I think those issues were addressed in Maria's posting. I have to just say Alla, stop kicking a dead horse. Changing minds is not often done with vitriolic words and mud slinging.

Would I do that to a poor horse?
YES, Yes you would and have. DUH!!
Well, you can have it. All yours, dear.
Melly, there is one more - money.
Maggie, according to thesaurus, mediocre is - average, commonplace; ignorant - unaware, unknowing. I am trying to understand why people got so upset. These words express how I feel about the situation.
Perhaps because u put the words 'people' after the word mediocre in your thread title? I don't know---that tends to get the attention of some people!
HAVE_A_HEART, I wanted to get the attention of the people. I usually get straight to the point. I think that people got upset because they realize I am right in this case, but nobody wants to be considered ignorant.
Catnip, that's exactly the point. You are not mediocre, this has nothing to do with you, you have no reason to get upset. But you did see my point and you understood how I felt. I thank you for that.




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